Internet Slang Special – English Social Media (AMA, IRL, GTG, BRB)

Hello and welcome back to the Slang podcast with me Louisa May Adams. This show will give you the chance to hear, understand the origins and meanings of new slang and to use them immediately!

Today we will be exploring more social media slang! The internet is super important when learning a new language as social media is something that allows you to connect with people from all over the world.

So let’s have a look now at how to navigate the rabbit hole that is social media abbreviations. As most online slang words are acronyms, they will be our focus for today.

To start with we have AMA meaning ‘ask me anything’. The AMA was first made popular on the sharing forum and community, Reddit. Short for “Ask Me Anything,” an AMA is when someone, usually well-known or from an interesting background, goes online and answers questions posed by the community. I would suggest writing on another’s or creating your own AMA as it is the perfect way to practice English!

Ok our next is acronym is IRL meaning ‘in real life’ When you’re talking about something that exists offline, you can use IRL. For example: My screen name is PerfectChef because I’m a chef IRL. If you have been chatting to someone online you may want to take a risk and actually meet them IRL!

To finish off this episode I want to tell you two ways of saying goodbye in internet slang! The first is GTG meaning got to go, showing the person you are talking to you are in a bit of a rush and will not be online from now on.

The second is to show you will be gone for a bit but will be back soon BRB, meaning be right back, and that’s what we will be!

That’s our episode of today. Next episode we will be looking at more social media slang especially for how we address people online, so make sure you give it a listen!

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